Ashok Tantry has held a number of positions within the IT industry, having most recently served as Senior Director and Business Development Leader at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), a multinational IT company headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia. At CSC, Ashok Tantry developed new sources of revenue with an emphasis on projects spanning national boundaries.

Ashok Tantry came to CSC after working at Patni Americas, Inc., for several years as a Senior Manager. The company charged him with heading a 70-person team focused on marketing to insurance providers. Mr. Tantry arranged contracts with well-known companies such as Hewitt Associates and ING North America Insurance Corporation during his time with Patni Americas.

Ashok Tantry has also worked with SeraNova, for whom he held the position of Associate Director of Sales. In 2000, SeraNova selected him to lead the company’s operations in the Middle East. During that time, he closed a contract with a government-owned utility in Dubai, with SeraNova agreeing to provide the country’s national electric and water service with a new online interface.


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